Noori Fusion Restaurant- Serving Only the Finest Asian Cuisine

Noori Fusion Restaurant puts a strong emphasis on bringing good things together, and this has inspired us to introduce an extravagant array of Japanese, Grilled and Indian cooking in Leidseplein, Amsterdam. We are an in demand restaurant with food that tastes so authentic like you are having a meal right in the indigenoius lands of the food. We believe in breaking down borders to bring the best parts of life together, such as different cuisines, new experiences, and unforgettable moments over food.

At Noori Fusion, we combine the real Asia techniques and flavours to create unique tasting menus presented in a friendly, and cosy setting. We are dedicated to acquiring the best exceptional ingredients in order to produce one-of-a-kind, well-thought-out dishes with flavour combinations that excite our guests.

Why Choose Noori Fusion Restaurant?

Dining out at Noori Fusion is a luxury, and when you wish to experience soulful Asian food with your friends, and family, it's a treat to be able to choose from an enormous menu of Japanese, Grilled and Indian cuisines, served in a spectacular ambience.

With us, you get-
➣ Location in the heart of the city
➣ Soothing ambience
➣ Authentic Asian menu
➣ High quality fresh ingredients

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Noori Fusion is a leading Asian restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam (Leidseplein ) that serves an array of various delicious dishes from the Japanese, Grilled and Indian cuisines.

Our Services

Engage in our unlimited meals, fine dining, takeaway in Amsterdam, which will leave you yearning for delectable Japanese, Grilled and Indian cuisine.
You can pick your favourites from the menu and either order food online or go for a takeaway, and you will be treated to a friendly service and a diverse selection reflecting the most delectable delicacies from the Asian kitchens.

What We Serve?

At Noori Fusion, you will be treated to a roller coaster of Asian flavours, giving you the ultimate freedom to pick from an extensive menu of Japanese, Grilled and Indian cuisines, all served in a pleasant setting. We have well curated packages for our guests where they can pick what suits their taste buds.

Description of multi Cuisines


Enjoy the GRILL from Noori Fusion specialties such as Chicken Tikka, Chicken Mint Tikka, Hot Wings, and plain or Garlic Naan. Grilling in Noori Fusion is a form of cooking in which dry heat is applied in a clay oven to the surface of food, usually from above or below.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is one of the most loved foods worldwide, due to its ultimate range of spices, and variations in every dish. The traditional Indian recipes are well-known for their simple cooking methods that preserve the nutritional value of the food while enhancing the flavour through the use of several curry mixes.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese food is a healthy alternative that comes with a great taste. Like most Asian cuisines, the food is rice and noodle based that are easy to cook. People tend to enjoy the food that is mostly grilled, or fried and comes with lovely presentations.